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Are you even real

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“I said, ‘Do I have any questions? Of course, I have questions! Marvel’s not going to let me read the script, I have no f—ing idea of what I’m doing, I don’t know this character, I don’t have any goddamn sides. Do I have any questions? How long do you have?’ And James was like, ‘That’s what Peter Quill would say.’”

Aug 1,2014
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Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana for Just Jared Spotlight Series.

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download (672x378, mp4) [x]

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guess i’m doing this faith of the seven series after all~

sansa as the maiden | inspired by this

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If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say

This video had me at “Estás en California, wey. Aprende a hablar español. CABRÓN”. The rest is pretty legit too. My sides hurt.

Aug 1,2014
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He’s just got such a gregarious nature and so full of energy. I don’t know where he gets it! I don’t know how he sustains it. But when he’s on set everyone’s smiling and when he’s not there after a few days, you say “Where’s Mackie?” He just breathes life into his environment. And he does like to say “Cut the check!” - Chris Evans

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I met Tom Brady once and I’m a big American football fan. I’m a big fan of his. 

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you want moves, rose?